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We just want to let you know we apply -12% for other CraftO'Clock collections and -10% for  ScrapBerry's flowers and cardstock till June 28th

Please take a look

All new CraftO'Clock collections

Forever Blue (20x20 Basic set and 15x15 set - last pieces)

Touch Of Nostalgia

Clang And Dirt


Earlier releases (from latest to olders)

Garden of Harmony

Oh Girl

Oh Boy

Velvet Dreams
Vintage Sky 

Spring Charm  (20,3x20,3cm set - sold out)

Greenery Invitation (15x15cm set and Basic set 30,5x15,5cm - sold out)

Vintage Chic (SOLD OUT:  Basic Paper Set)

Safari Friends

Vintage Love (SOLD OUT: 20x20 collection and Basic Paper Set)

Soulmates - last pieces

Age Of Mysteries

Warm and Peaceful

Scent of Nostalgia (20,3x20,3cm set - sold out, extras, 30,5x30,5cm set - last sets)

Seaside Greetings (20,3x20,3cm set - RE-PRINTED)

Trail Of Silence

My Sweet Treasure

Robots Adventures

Hello Little Girl (20,3x20,3cm set - sold out)

Hello Little Boy (20,3x20,3cm set - sold out, 12x12 - last sets)


Princess Adventures

Dino Adventures

Painted By The Wind, Mixed Media

Stencils (thickness 0,25 mm, semi-translucent, 2 sizes: 15x16 cm and 8*16cm)

Creative Young - School Adventures

Creative Young - Cosmic Adventures

Cardboard inscriptions

Basic Flower Sets with mirror print (after cutting, the same flower / leaf will be visible on both sides of the paper, perfect for pop-up)

Basic 01 - Green Mood (20,3x20,3cm set - sold out)

Basic 02 - Gray Mood

Basic 03 - Brown Mood (12"*12" set - sold out) 

Basic 04 - White-Beige Mood (20,3x20,3cm set - sold out)

Basic 05 - Turquoise Mood

Basic 06 - Purple-Fuchsia Mood

Basic 07 - Mint Mood

Basic 08 - Yellow Mood

Basic 09 - Lavender Mood

Basic 10 - Light Grey Mood

Basic 11 - Pink Mood

Basic 12 - Blue Mood

Basic 13 - Red Mood 

Sold out:


CC-OK-16 - last pieces

Discontinued -30%

Transparent black printed foils

A Cordial Invitation

A Little Of Inspiration

Afternoon Walk

Autumn Moods

Bittersweet Heights, Mixed Media

Blooming Retreat, Mixed Media

Flower Fiesta

Force of Gentleness

Holidays In Snow

Hours of Longing

Lost In Time

Ominous Marshes, Mixed Media

Rays Of Sunshine

Silver Heart Warrior

Snowy Winterland, Mixed Media

Summer Flowers

Vintage Beauty

On the Wings Of Fantasy



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