2 new Art Alchemy collections


Tofay are happy to introduce to you 2 new Art Alchemy collections. There is also a rice paper matching Melody of the Heart papers

NEW chipboard sets - there are chipboard sets matching one of the collection.

Please note the prices the prices of new collections were slightly increased.. The prices of other collections stay unchanged.

Papers are ready to ship now.


Please take a look:

Soul of Spring

First Holy Communion


ALL NEW Art Alchemy papers
Melody of the Heart

The Men's World (AA-TMW-11 - will be re-printed in April)
Cute bunnies - re-printed
2023  realeases
Merry Christmas (sold out: rice papers, -09 Flowers - extras to cut, last sets -09 extras to cut, 20x20 set)

In Frosty Colors (sold out: Extras Winter, rice 1)
Gold Autumn (sold out: 30x30cm, 20x20cm sets, -09 Flowers,  rice 1)
Gold Autumn - Trick or Treat (there is no  30x30 cm set, last sets: 20x20, Art Journal White Lady and Extras TOT-10, they won't be re-printed )

Doors 3 - sold out
Sea Stories (extras - sold out)
Cute Baby (sold out: 20x20 cm, project life cards)
Our Adventures (AA-OA-07 - last sets)

2022 realeases

Lovely Memories

Romantic Shabby Chic (Paper Collection Set 8"*8"  - sold out and won't be re-printed)

The Christmas Time (Paper Collection Set 8"*8"  - sold out and won't be re-printed)

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