H&Y: New products from ScrapBoys and special offer

H&Y: New products from ScrapBoys and special offer


Today we would like to present you 2 new ScrapBoys collections, new 3D foam cubes and exploading boxes.

Please note the prices of new collections have slightly changed, although we keep them at the same level or slightly below compared to manufactuer prices.

Please note

SHIPMENT starts on March 6th 

There is also a special offer for some collections - details below.

NEW. Please take a look:

Art Decoria

Lavender Love

3D foams - new lower prices, new colour - GRAY

Exploading boxes

Earlier realeases:


Christmas Day

Steampunk Journey


Lady in Red

Special Day

Set of stickers with inscriptions

-30% till the stock lasts ( -10% FOREVER and -20%): 

ALL -30%


Bird Romance

Spring Flowers


Vintage Legend (20x20 cm set sold out)


Old Farm

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