New Art Alchemy collections


Today we would like to introduce to you new Art Alchemy collections.

NEW: laminated covers

The shipment starts on 

May 22nd

Please take a look:

Underwater World

My Little Baby



ALL NEW Art Alchemy papers

reprinted: AA-BB-01
Earlier releases

Whispers of the Mountains

Happy Time

Collage Dolls/People - You can buy individual sheets – extras to cut, 250 gsm and cut out characteres yourself (AA-COLLAGEDOLLS-01) or buy it as a die-cut sheet. pre-cut (AA-COLLAGEDOLLS-02)

Soul of Spring (AA-CH....cardboards: sold out or last pieces, 15x15 sold out, rice papers will be re-printed)

First Holy Communion

Melody of the Heart

The Men's World (AA-TMW-11 - will be re-printed in April)
Cute bunnies - re-printed
2023  realeases

Legends of the Magic School ; rice papers will be re-printed

Between Worlds

Hello Baby (sold out: Extras ...-09, last pieces extras sets 30x15cm:  -10, -11, Grandparents)
Merry Christmas (sold out: rice papers, ...-09 Flowers - extras to cut, last sets -09 extras to cut, 20x20 set)

In Frosty Colors (sold out: Extras Winter, Extrad Wedding, rice 1)
Dreamcatcher (sold out: Extras 30x15 cm ...-10)

Gold Autumn (sold out: 30x30cm, 20x20cm sets, ....-09 Flowers; rice papers will be re-printed)
Gold Autumn - Trick or Treat (there is no  30x30 cm set, last sets: 20x20, Art Journal White Lady and Extras TOT-10, they won't be re-printed )

Doors 3 - sold out
Enchanted World - Following Alice  (sold out: 20x20 cm)
Sea Stories (extras - sold out, 20x20 last pieces)
Steampunk Dreams (sold out - extras 30x15cm ..-10)
Cute Baby (sold out: 30x30cm and 20x20 cm sets, project life cards)
Our Adventures (AA-OA-07 - last sets)

2022 realeases

Lovely Memories

Romantic Shabby Chic (Paper Collection Set 8"*8"  - sold out and won't be re-printed)


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